Saturday, May 5, 2012

Henschel HS-132 - Part 7

Now to work on those rudders.

As with the wing and fuselage, I'll be leveraging the mirroring function again.  So I got rid of one of the rudders.

Now, I'm lazy.  I know that the rudder will be symmetrical along its center.  So I take mirroring one further step by getting rid of one half of the rudder, then enabling mirroring along its local axis.

There.  Much better.

Next would be to flatten the side of the rudder getting rid of the horizontal segments. 

Still need to flatten it up a bit more....  I'll be getting rid of all vertical segments save for the ones marked in red.

Now, to simplify the edges.   I want to keep the cut-seams to a minimum, but I also want to preserve the round edges of the rudder. 

Done!  This may look "complicated", but it should unfold pretty well under Pepakura without needing to break it up into multiple pieces.

Now to freeze the object to generate the wireframe on the mirrored side.

Next step --- the elevators!
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