Saturday, March 17, 2012

Messerschmitt P.1106 R - Part 17


The first ME P.1106R rolls out of the production lines!

I actually finished building this last night, but I waited till morning to take photos under natural light. 
I also experimented a bit with the wing farings.  On the left side, you'll see the wing farings fairly flush with the fuselage.  On the right, bulky.  I had a hard time assembling the left side wing farings.  So for the right side farings - I used joining strips.  Assembly was far easier, but it left really ugly gaps caused by the added bulk of the joining strips.  I guess wing farings aren't meant to have joining strips. :)

Design notes:
  • There was some fitting problems with the fuselage formers.  I made two sizes of fuselage formers.  And unfortunately, one set was too big, while the other set was too small!  I made a third set which is roughly mid way between the first two sets.  They should be just right. :)
  • Those wings and tail fins were just too thin for formers.  I eventually ditched the wing and tail formers.
  • Arguably the hardest part of the model were the rear wheel wells.  I have to find a way to design fuselage wheel wells that are easier to build. :(

  • Make two extra sets of tail fins - one with the Hakenkreuz on both sides, and one with out any Hakenkreuz.
  • Re-layout in Pepakura and make PDF.
  • Come up with some quick diagrams for building.

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