Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Dornier DO-335 "Pfeil" (Part IV)

The rear half of the fuselage
As you may have known by now, the Pfeil is a pusher-puller propelled aircraft. The picture above shows the assembly of what would be the portion of the fuselage that houses the rear engine. Though it might not be apparent from the picture, the fit of the parts is lousy! Very lousy! Notice the radiator intake is a bit deformed.

Anyway, I've put too much time into this model that quitting would really be out of the question. With a little muscle power, I was able to make those parts fit.

Here's a shot of the fuselage so far. Damn, that's huge! I'm already starting to worry where I'll be storing this model once I'm finished with it.

Here's the final segment of the fuselage.

Fitting the elevators...

Finally, fitting the top and bottom rudders.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Dornier DO-335 "Pfeil" (Part III)

The engine intakes.

The intakes took a fair amount of work to assemble. Again, the parts didn't really fit well.

Here's the result of the "tweezer massage" that I applied on the intakes. Looks pretty good. But it took me an hour or so to massage that intake to shape.

Attached! Notice that the part doesn't line up very well. I had to remove and trim off some of the extra cardboard from the intake.