Monday, August 16, 2010

Heinkel HE P.1078B - part 15 : All done!

All done!  :)

For my final build, I decided to use joining strips.  The joining strips ensured better fit, especially in the areas that had internal formers.

I'll be making the diagrams for this freely available.  Unfortunately, I still need to make the instructions.  Once I finish those, I'll put them up for download.

Here are the pictures of the completed model:

I'll prolly take a short break before I start my next design.

Nah..... :P


Anonymous said...


Eric said...

You can download this from or

Anonymous said...

i can't find the download!

what about to just post a download of the pattern in every finished model?
(like you did in the lippisch p.13

Eric said...

Many people have been having problems with the public sharing in Google Docs. That is why I stopped using it. Since I don't have any other hosting site, I decided to piggy back the file in the Card Modeling forums.

If you provide me an email address, I can email it to you.

Anonymous said...

Eric, you can use or or rapidshare and many more ones.

p.s. my @ is

Eric said...


I sent you a share-invite to the file in my google docs folder. You should receive it in your gmail account. I think that one should work well.

If it doesn't, try again using the link below:

This is the original public share link that I created some time ago. However, some people are having problems with that link...

roberto said...

hi, I really enjoyed the blog. you can send the model of the Heinkel P.1078B to my email?

Eric said...

Hi Roberto,

You can download the model using the following google docs share link:

However, I strongly recommend that you download the model from All you'll need to do is to join that forum and access the download site.