Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Junkers Ju EF128

Taking a break from the ME1110 design... I decided to try something else.
This time, I did the Junkers JU EF128.  I got so interested that I managed to complete the whole thing from the initial wireframe, to skinning and finally the beta build.

Should you wish to build the model yourself, you can download the diagrams via this link:

Junkers EF 128

This blog entry shows the build process.

The first part involves assembling the front fuselage.

Then go for the wing former.

Once the glue dries... you can start sliding the tip of the wing formers to the slot in the fuselage.

Keep sliding until the middle part of the wing former locks into place.

Now proceed to build the rear part of the fuselage.

Test fit before gluing into place.

Build the rear fin former and the rear fin.

Here's how it should look like when complete.

If done correctly, it should fit snugly into the alloted slot.

Assemble and attach the canopy.

Here's how the exhaust should look like.

Assemble the wing and rudder parts.

Be careful cutting the slots on the wing and the rudder....

Glue the wings to the fuselage using the wing formers as a guide.  The wing formers should ensure that you've got a consistent wing angle (dihedral?).

Don't forget to attach the nacelles.


Please forgive the filthy/untidy build.  :)  I was in a hurry to complete this.  Hehehe...

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