Sunday, May 13, 2012

Henschel HS-132 - Part 10

Next up, the SC500 bomb.  Simplifying this should be relatively straightforward.

Starting with the frozen wireframe, I'll use the knife tool to remove the unneeded edges.

And we're done. 

Here's how the model looks like so far.  Notice that even though I've removed a lot of edges, the model still retains its curves.  I hope this translates well into the actual paper.

Now for some problems:
First, the bottom part of the engine kinda eats into the fuselage.  Initially, I've considered flattening the bottom part of the engine, and the top part of the fuselage so that it would be easy to mate the engine with the fuselage during assembly.  But doing so would add yet more pieces to the model.  I'll probably go with subtracting the Engine from the fuselage.

Likewise, the SC500 would be carried in a recessed bomb rack.  I'll need to subtract the sc500 from the fuselage as well.

After a couple of boolean operations, here's what I ended up with:

Engine mount.  I guess this would also help align the engine...

Recessed bomb rack.  For now, I'll keep this cavity open. 

Remaining things to do before moving on to skinning:
  • Cut out the wheel wells on the fuselage and the wings.
  • Create the landing gear covers.
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