Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Dornier DO-335 "Pfeil" (Done!)

Crap! I couldn't find the pictures I took when I was assembling the wings and the landing gears. Oh well...

It took me two months to complete this beast. It had a lot of bad fitting parts. But despite that, it was a really good design. Now my bigger problem is to find a spot in my home to place this without it being destroyed by the cleaning lady.

Here are some shots of the Pfeil alongside Emil Zarkov's Bf109G, also 1:32.

The Dornier DO-335 "Pfeil" (Part V)

This model has been completed ages ago. Unfortunately, I've been very busy lately and had not the opportunity to update this build log.

Anyway, more pictures.

Here's the completed tail section with the pusher engine attached.
Heheh... the engine works! (Well at least it works in front of the electric fan).

I temporarily removed the pusher engine. This is to make the task of attaching the tail assembly to the main fuselage.

Cockpit. Notice the warped cardboard near the pilot's headrest. This was caused by a misaligned former (bad design...hehehe).

Canopy attached.