Sunday, August 26, 2012

Henschel HS-132 - Part 18

Oh my...where do I begin?

If you go back to my first blog post entry for the HS132, I mentioned that this is my 2nd attempt at the model.  My first attempt was lost after an HDD crash.
Well guess what?  My stupid motherboard committed seppuku last Aug 12, 2012!
Yep.  I guess lightning does strike twice!
GOOD thing it was only my motherboard that got fried.  My HDDs were intact and I was able to recover all my files.  Unfortunately, that motherboard was an LGA775 based board.  I couldn't find any LGA775 boards anymore.  No choice but to get a new LGA1155 based board along with a new procie and set of RAM.  Oh well.
It took a lot of time to reinstall W7 as well.

Anyway, with everything back in place, I got back to finishing the texture job on the model.

Here's the final unfold:

I'm still working on the joining strips.  Once I get those done, I'll start with the test build!

For the joining strips, I got rid of the textures on a copy of the main PDO file.  I then added the pepakura glue tabs, with the edges set to 90degrees.
I'll be exporting this as PDF, which I'll then import to Inkscape for editing.
Here's the progress on the joining strips:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Henschel HS-132 - Part 17

I'm almost....almost done with the texturing.

Just a few more adjustments, then I'll be good to go for the test build!

Here are some screenshots of the textures: