Sunday, May 27, 2012

Henschel HS-132 - Part 12

Last week, I stopped working after finishing the front landing gear wheel wells.
Now I'm going to start working on the rear wheel wells.

As in my last post, I start by cloning the rear landing gears, and "raising" the cloned landing gear by rotating along the Z-Axis.  You may notice on the picture above that the gear shaft kinda bulges out of the wings.  This was intentional.  I had to make the landing gear shaft a bit "fat" since I'll be printing this on card stock.   Card stock is difficult to roll very thin.  As a compromise, I made the shafts "fat" to allow for easier rolling.

Now, I've created the rear wheel well template what I'll use to carve out the actual wheel wells.

Here's what I ended up with after subtracting the rear wheel well template from the wing. 
Now it's time to make the wheel covers.  I'll do this by getting the intersection between the wheel well template and the wing.

And here we are... what a mess!  I sure wish that some day, O. Mizuno (the guy who wrote Metaseq) would create his own BOOLEAN operation plugin to replace the old one.  

Now for the clean up process.  Since I only need to make the wheel covers, I start by removing the unneeded edges and vertices.

To help with the cleanup, I'll un-hide the wing.  Then I'll change the edge colors so that I'll "see" which edge belongs to what object.

To clean up the wheel covers, I'll remove the vertices that have no "partner" vertex with the wing.  This is where having a different edge and vertex coloring helps.  (See picture above.)

And finally, rear wheel wells and covers done!
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