Saturday, June 19, 2010

Heinkel HE P.1078B - part 4

Done with the boolean operations.  Here's how I cut apart the components that would comprise the plane:

The wing would be the main piece.  I'm thinking that if I can make the internals of the wings strong enough, I might not need to put formers on the fuselage parts....hmmm...

The gun and pilot pod will be "wrapped" around the wing. 

And the same goes with the main fuselage.

With that done, it's time to work on the landing gears:

It may appear symmetrical in the image above...but the front landing gear ain't.  The wheel is a bit off center, and the strut leans heavily to the left.

Now here is where I hit my first major snag.... damn!

To carve out the wheel wells, I 'simulated' raising the landing gears.  That way, I'll have an idea how big a cavity I'll have to create on the fuselage of the plane.  As far as the width of the fuselage is concerned, the gears fit well.  But when the length comes into play, the rear and front gears don't fit!  I'll need to scale down the gears a bit before I can continue.  :(

Anyway, here's how the plane looks so far, sans the wheel wells.

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