Friday, June 18, 2010

Heinkel HE P.1078B - part 3

Let's rewind a bit.... I'll show how I made the fuselage.

I wanted to experiment with the Spline / Catmull patch function of Metaseq, and got mixed results.

I starte by 'trying' to make the fuselage this way:

After many attempts, I couldn't get anything close to what was illustrated in the 3-view design over at Luft'46.
I finally gave up on the Spline/Catmull idea and used a traditional approach:
As seen on the image above, I started by making the engine housing, which will also comprise the centerline of the fuselage.

Not wanting to give up on the Spline/Catmull concept, I tried it again, this time on the wings.  And surprisingly, it turned out pretty well!    Once satisfied with the general shape of the wings, I converted the Spline/Catmull patch into a wireframe.   I then did some minor adjustments, aligned some vertices, and folded down the wingtips.

Voila!  Instant wings!

Pilot / Gun pod creation was also standard fare:

Note that I only had to create the left pod.  I then told Metaseq to mirror the object along the Z axis.

Putting it all together brings us to the image I had in my first blog entry:

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