Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heinkel HE P.1078B - part 10

I got a response from Tamasoft (Pepakura).  It turned out that there's an option that automatically joins 'nearly' adjacent edges.  Sometimes that function causes those edges to shorten a bit.  I was told that I had to disable that option and repeat the unfold process.  I'm really amazed that they replied to my email on a SUNDAY!  Anyway, I'm really grateful for the support.  Thanks Tamasoft! :)

Now back to business.

I got to complete the left pod (weapons pod).  I chose to build that first because I know I'll have a helluva hard time given the fact that it has to accomodate two wheel wells. 
I assembled this tail first, working my way up to the nose. 
Installing the rear wheel well was pretty straightforward. 
Installing the front wheel well... well...heheheh.  I must have cussed and cursed so much it started to rain.

In the previous blog entries, you'll notice that there are two holes under the wings.  Those holes are meant to accomodate the bulge on the wheel well as shown in the picture above.

Dry fitting.  I gently ease in the pod to the wing...

Voila!  Fits perfectly! :)

Here's how it looks like with the center fuselage dry fitted as well.  Everything snaps into place.  And I've yet to apply glue!  Hehehe.  I'll finish the other pod first to make sure everything fits well before I glue them into place.
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