Thursday, April 7, 2016

Philippine Army Air Corps P-26 Peashooter (part 02)

Low poly to wire frame

Once 'satisfied' with the way the model looks, I run the OBJECT>FREEZE function of Metaseq to convert the low poly model into a wire frame that I can work on.

Simplifying the model

In its current state, it would be impractical to unwrap the model for card modelling.  I'll need to reduce the number of edges/faces to make this easier to unwrap.

Using the KNIFE tool, I erased edges taking extra care that I maintain the curves of the teardrop-shaped fuselage.

I do the same for the wings.

Once done, I performed a boolean operation : WING minus FUSELAGE.

I do the same simplification + boolean process with the other parts.  The image above shows how the aircraft will go together as a card model.

And finally, here's the model simplified ready for unwrapping in Pepakura.

My next update will discuss the unwrapping and texture mapping.

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