Monday, February 20, 2012

Messerschmitt P.1106 R - Part 13

OKAY, now I'm a little pissed off at Metaseq.  I'm not sure if it's a bug or just plain user error.
So here it goes.

If you recall in my last post, I didn't want to use Metaseq's auto-layout for UV mapping plainly because it sometimes distorts the alignment of my roundels (Balkenkreuz).
So what I did was to use use Pepakura to unfold my model.
Then, after a bit of layout arrangements, I export Pepakura to a raster image.  I then use the raster image in Metaseq's UV editor by aligning the UV map to match the pattern in Pepakura.

So far, it worked perfectly!    Here's a sample image of the fuselage:

Notice how the Balkenkreuz as well as the camo pattern on the UV map perfectly matches the one on the 3d model.

But lo and behold the results on the WING!

Holy wavy lines, Batman!  What happened here?
Not only are the patterns misaligned, they're DISPROPORTIONATELY misaligned!
Notice the Balkenkreuz... small misalignment there.  But look at the edges of the camo pattern and how they're wayyyyy out of alignment compared to the Balkenkreuz!  Worse, tweaking the UV map coordinates may fix part of the camo, but it most likely mess up other parts.

I'll dump the texture for the wing and start over, maybe using the default auto-layout of the UV map. (Blech.)  If it still does not work well, I'll have to post edit the Pepakura output by printing to PDF and editing the PDF via Inkscape.

In any case, here's how the camo job is going so far:

Now back to the drawing board... :(
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