Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ME P.1110 Part 4 :Canard wings continued...

Before proceeding further with the wing shaping, you'll want to make some small adjustments to the way the wing is structured.  These adjustments are aimed to make for a less messy boolean operation later on.

To start things off, look at the image above.  The yellow cube with the red arrow pointing to it is a point or vertex on the fuselage.  It would be a good idea to align one segment of the wing to that point.  In this case, the wing segment is circled in red.  I start by getting the Y and Z coordinates of the point I mentioned, then writing it down on a piece of paper (or on a text editor).

Then, I temporarily hide the fuselage to be able to select the points that make up the segment that I encircled in the previous image.

With all three points selected, I bring up the "Align Selected Vertices" dialog box of Metaseq.  I then select the Y and Z checkboxes.  If the Y and Z coordinates are already available in the MIN/MAX button selections, click those.  If not, then manually re-type them on their respective position text boxes.

If done correctly, it should look like the image above.

Do the same for segment indicated above.  Align it with the vertex indicated by the red arrow.

And again, for the segments indicated by the arrows in the image above... 

All done.

After doing those adjustments, the chord (or is it foil?) of the wing will now be a bit deformed.  You will need to reshape it a bit as indicated above.

Now, go to the front view display, then thin out the right edge of the wing as indicated in the picture.  Try to match the way the wing tapers down in the picture.


Now select the points indicated in the picture above.  Then, by using a combination of resize + move along the Z axis adjust the size and position of the wingtip to match the drawing.

Next, we'll need to round out the wing tip.  Start by slicing a vertical strip using the knife tool at the points indicated by the arrows indicated above.  Then select and join the vertices encircled above.

If done correctly, it should look like the image above.

Here's how it looks so far.

Notice that the segments we tried to align early on are now again misaligned.  That's okay... It will be easy to re-align once more after we do the boolean operation later on to remove the part of the canard hidden inside the fuselage.
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