Saturday, September 13, 2014

Heinkel P.1080 - Part 07

Working on the Camo

For this model, I used a plane-jane splinter camo pattern.

Originally, I wanted to do that famous squiggly pattern that the Luftwaffe aircraft was known for.  But I was not sure if it would look good.  So I made a small test pattern on the wings.
It was "nice".  But it kinda overpowered the details of the plane, such as the liveries and the seams+joints. 
I'll do without the squiggly lines for now.  Maybe I'll try again on a different design.

Camo Completed!

I decided to use the markings from III./JG11.

Bottom shot looks really clean.  I'll see if I can add some weathering to this.  

Frontal shot looks badass!

With the camo pattern done, the next step would be to start the test build!
As always, I'll be working in 1:48 scale.

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