Monday, April 30, 2012

Henschel HS-132 - Part 5

Let the simplification begin!

First, I tell Metaseq to produce the wireframes by "freezing" the patches that I used to create the airplane components.
Here's the resulting wireframe after the freezing operation:
Quite pretty!  But very impractical for card modeling.
After this, we'll need to use the KNIFE tool to get rid of excess segments.

The best place to start is the fuselage:

In the picture above, I marked in RED the segments I'd like to keep.  Of special note are the segments that are emphasized with the red arrows.  These are important.  The first one marks the start of the front wheel well.  The second one marks the start of the engine.  Third one, the start of the wing root, and the last one the end of the wing root.  Keeping these segments will make the boolean operations easier later on.

And the result:

Oh, and to further simplify the fuselage, I cut it in half along Z-Axis.  Then I enabled the X-Axis mirroring. 

I guess that would be all for now...

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