Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blohm und Voss P.212.02 - part 07

I can't believe I forgot to assemble the front wheel well!  Grrrr!

Oh well...

Next to wing and body formers, wheel wells are the most difficult part of the fuselage to assemble due to the tight/snug fit.  I usually assemble the wheel wells first and wrap the fuselage around them.  In this model, I completely forgot to do this for the front wheel well.

SO, in assembling this, I ditched the idea of using glue tabs and tried to attach the edges of the well well walls by butt-joining them. (See picture above.)

The absence of the glue tab bulges should make the task of squeezing in the wheel well a lot easier.

Messy! :(

I'll end my weekend build by attaching the canopy.
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