Monday, September 27, 2010

Blohm und Voss P.212.02 - part 06

And so the test build has begun....
I started by cutting out and assembling the wing formers.  Save for a minor problem cutting out the slots, everything went along smoothly.  I must confess though.  I used more than the usual amount of CA glue to stiffen the wing spars.

Here's how the wing is 'wrapped' around the wing formers.  Pretty good fit! :)

Here's how the wing tip is wrapped around its formers.

Wing, nacelle and wingtip ready to be put together!

The nacelle is first attached to the wing.   The nacelle fits rather well.  Unfortunately, the nacelle was a bit hard to assemble...

Finally, here's what the completed wing looks like.

That's all for now I guess....
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