Friday, December 28, 2012

Focke-Wulf VTOL - Part 2

Now it's time to work on the fuselage.

Creating the wireframe

Freezing the object will produce the wireframe that I can then directly work on.
Unfortunately, the wireframe produced is "nice", it is not suitable for producing card models from.

Simplifying the wireframe

In order to produce a card model friendly wireframe, the current one has to be simplified.
It's time to whip out the Knife Tool!

Cleaning up the lengthwise segments

First, I got rid of a couple of lengthwise segments using the Knife Tool's "Erase Chained Lines" function.

Cleaning up the crosswise segments

For the crosswise segments, chose to keep those that lined up with the "joints" depicted in the 3-view diagrams.  By doing this, I'll have an easier time in making the UV-Maps later on.

Cleaning up the flaps and elevons

As with the previous step, I'd like to line up another segment along the "joint" between the main fuselage and the control surfaces.  For this, I had to create a new segment by using the knife tool's, "Cut with a knife" function.

After that, it's only a matter of brute force / manual clean up.


Nothing much here except another round of brute force / manual cleanup through vertex joins and deletions....

Next steps

At this point, I can now start punching a hole on the top of the fuselage for the rotors.
But then again, I can also start working on the cockpit....

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