Friday, March 9, 2012

Messerschmitt P.1106 R - Part 15

And so the build begins!

Drawing from the painful lessons learned from my previous P.1106R revision, I sought to reduce the number of fuselage formers to a minimum.

So far so good!

As shown in the photo above, I was still able to achieve that shark nose shape of the fuselage (or at least the front half of it) with just three fuselage formers.

Now the problem:

As seen on the picture above, the rear wheel wells were a pain to assemble.  I anticipated this in the original P.1106R design.  And it was this part of the model that made me go overboard with the fuselage formers.
I'll need to re-think this part and improve its internal structure...
Nevertheless, this setback is not a showstopper.  So I'll continue with the build.

Oh, I also handcrafted those joining/glue strips.  I did this by printing the PDO pattern into a PDF file.  I then imported the PDF file into Inkscape.  From there, it was easy to edit the vector lines to produce the glue strips.  It worked out pretty well!

More tomorrow, I hope.
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