Monday, August 29, 2011

Gamilon Exterminator Class Destroyer - Part 5


I didn't bother coloring the edges of the model nor did I bother making joining strips.

Another thing I didn't remove are the Pepakura folding lines.  There are plenty of areas in the model that have no fold reference points that I had to include the folding lines.   I sure wish Tamasoft would eventually enhance Pepakura to allow the drawing of just the end points of those folding lines.

I have absolutely no idea what scale this model is. :)  And yes, it's not the same scale as the EDF destroyer.

By the way, I completely forgot to mention where I got the schematics for this.  Sorry about that.
You'll find the schematics for this ship at  Excellent site!  Anyway, if you check out the diagrams of this ship from that site, you'll notice that I also took some shortcuts to simplify the shape of the hull and make assembly easier.

But of course, there are still parts of that are an absolute P.I.T.A. to assemble.  The main fuselage mega-cannon pictured on top is one of them.  You'll need a lot of patience to assemble this part.

Other than the main cannon, the rest of the model is easy to make. 

I'll make the diagrams available soon.

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